Frequently asked questions

1. What is La Veta Village?

La Veta Village, Inc. is a non-profit organization with plans to open a 16-suite, Senior Assisted Living Community in La Veta, Colorado in 2020.

2. How great is the need for Senior Assisted Living in Huerfano County?

With the exception of the Spanish Peaks Veterans Community Living Center in Walsenburg that provides services to veterans & veteran spouses/widows, Huerfano County aging adults who are unable to live alone and want to maintain their independence, currently have no assisted living community options in Huerfano County.

State of Colorado statistics show that in La Veta alone, 52% of the population is over 65 years of age. This represents a growing need for Aging-In-Place options to address local aging adult’s physical, nutritional, mental, social and emotional well-being. In Huerfano County, 29.7% of residents are over age 65, compared to the State of Colorado, which reports that 12.7% of residents are over age 65.

3. How will Huerfano County and the adjacent counties of Costilla and Las Animas benefit from this project?

The service area for La Veta Village includes Eastern Costilla and Northern Las Animas Counties in addition to all of Huerfano County.

Area aging adults will have an assisted living community option near home. Local aging adults who are unable to live alone and want to maintain independence will have an Assisted Living Community option allowing them to remain in the Spanish Peaks area.

La Veta Village, Inc. will transform an unsightly, historic structure in downtown La Veta into an attractive and purposeful asset for the community. Our building plans will repurpose the Old Cheese Factory structure in the Historic Preservation District of La Veta; we’ll restore the exterior facade of the building and completely transform the interior and grounds.

More commerce for local businesses. Aging adults who live at La Veta Village as well as visiting family members and friends will patronize local shopping, services, and cultural events/venues.

New employment and contract services. La Veta Village will employ up to 10 full-time staff and our organization will need local service providers for maintenance, deliveries, utilities, etc.

4. What level of care will La Veta Village offer?

We will offer Assisted Living Care to residents. Our trained staff will be on site 24-hours a day and offer assistance with daily living including:

  • Three well-balanced, daily meals plus snacks

  • Medication administration by qualified staff (QMAP trained)

  • Assistance with bathing and dressing

  • Daily activity programs that may include exercise classes, arts and crafts, games, musical concerts, entertainment, and local shopping

  • Weekly housekeeping and laundry; daily trash removal

  • Emergency call-system; each resident is provided an emergency call device

 5. Will you have licensed medical staff?

State of Colorado licensing for Assisted Living Residences and Alternative Care Facilities does not require licensed medical staff (RN, LPN, LVN) on site, however we will likely contract with a licensed, nurse professional either in an oversight role or a joint role as the administrator of La Veta Village.  We will have 24-hour professional staff that are QMAP (Qualified Medication Administration Person) trained by the Colorado Department of Pubic Health and can dispense medication while on duty including documenting the administration of both prescription and non-prescription drugs. In addition, professional contract staff skill sets will be adjusted to meet the changing needs of our resident population.

 6. What happens if a La Veta Village resident needs more care or services?

 The basic supplemental services that we hope to offer La Veta Village residents as needs arise include:

  • Oxygen administration

  • Advanced personal care assistance levels

  • Home Health Care, usually temporary and intermittent, through a partnership with local Home Health Care agencies

  • Hospice and palliative care though a partnership with Sangre de Cristo Hospice

  • Transportation services through South Central Council of Government

  • Additional laundry and/or housekeeping services

    Upon request we can arrange, at the resident’s cost, the services of licensed, privately provided personal care for a resident whose needs may exceed our assisted living services, but wish to remain at La Veta Village.

7. Will you provide transportation for residents to get to appointments and services?

We will not provide transportation services for residents but we will work with families to notify them when a resident exhibits the need for these services. Transportation is a family responsibility as is involvement with medical care needs.


8. What will it cost residents to live at La Veta Village?

Our goal is to keep monthly costs for La Veta Village residents in line with Assisted Living Communities offering similar services in other rural Colorado areas. We will also be accepting qualified Medicaid residents, LTC insurance and other supportive programs such as veterans programs.


9. How will La Veta Village, Inc. use financial contributions it receives?

Financial contributions from individuals, community groups, and local businesses are currently covering our pre-construction expenses including architectural and administration services, insurance and taxes, building and landscaping upkeep, utilities, and marketing materials. Once construction commences, there are several amenities we would like to offer La Veta Village residents that are not currently in our capital budget. For example, we need financial contributions to help with proposed plans for landscaping, a walking path, the outdoor furniture on the terrace, a children’s play area, our game room, and a self service coffee/soft drink cantina in the sunroom. Suggested donation levels are:

  • Supporting Contributor: up to $500

  • Patron Contributor: up to $1,000

  • Donor Contributor: up to $3,000

  • Sustaining Contributor: up to $5,000

  • Legacy Contributor: $10,000+


10. Can I reserve a suite at La Veta Village now?

At this time we are accepting Potential Resident Information to help us gather information from the community. We offer tours of the existing structure to highlight the challenges ahead and you may wish to review our architectural plans. We welcome individual and business community feedback and would like to meet with interested parties during our pre-construction phase. As we progress to the construction phase we will begin accepting applications for residents.

11. How can I help?

As part of our pre-construction planning, we welcome involvement from individuals, community organizations, and local businesses. Want to help? In addition to financial contributions and in-kind gifts, consider:

  • Writing a letter of support for La Veta Village.

  • Inviting us to present to your community group.

  • Volunteering to staff one of our community events.

  • Helping us create partnerships with local businesses.

  • Identifying potential corporate sponsors.

  • Helping us identify and reply to grant opportunities.