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Life at La Veta Village

Our Residents

La Veta Village is open to anyone who qualifies for assisted living. While we give priority to Huerfano County residents, individuals from adjacent counties who seek to live in the beauty of the Spanish Peaks are welcome as well. Local residents can bring parents from other parts of the country to live in our residence.

We seek to create a community as diverse as Huerfano County, with residents from throughout the County of various ethnic backgrounds, genders, religions, and income levels. We accept private pay, long-term care insurance, and Veteran’s benefits. Up to 25% of our resident rooms are Medicaid eligible through Colorado’s waiver program.


We promote well-being, independence, and socialization of our residents by providing person-centered care, services, and activities in a comfortable, home environment. Each resident has his or her own suite and bathroom, and share common rooms – living, day, and music/library. Residents have a large dining room, with meals prepared on site in our kitchen by local chefs. Activities are provide onsite in these common rooms, and our special purpose activity/craft room, and offsite at local venues.

Our approach to working with individuals is called person-centered care. This starts by working together with residents and their families to craft a personal care plan. These plans are based on our regular health and well-being assessments, resident desires, and family input. Services are tailored where possible to each individual, and this guides individual engagement in our broader activities. These plans help us work with families to ensure care coordination with other providers.

Our trained and professional staff are available 24-hours a day. We provide a wide range of services in the following categories:

Dining, snacks and drinks

  • Well-balanced, and delicious meals – 3 times daily in our dining room

  • Alternative meals always available for individuals

  • Snacks and drinks available throughout the day

  • Nutrition management plans for individuals

  • Meal purchase for visiting guests

Personal Well-Being

  • Individual care plans are developed for each individual, and updated as needed

  • Monthly on-site wellness checks

  • Medication management (extra fee)

  • Oxygen management (extra fee)

  • Showering and dressing support

  • Coordination with residents and families with other medical service providers and hospice

  • Maintenance-free living, with weekly laundry and housekeeping services (additional support is possible for a fee)

Emergency needs

  • 24-hour onsite staff to help in case of need

  • Emergency call system response

  • Fire evacuation plan and suppression system

  • Pandemic plan and personal protective equipment

Communication with families

  • Contact with families as specified in individual care plans

  • Support to residents to enable them to conduct video chats with families and friends on a weekly schedule

Our Social & Community Activities

La Veta Village creates a monthly activity plan with resident input. We provide some of these activities in our common rooms by our staff, local volunteers, and partner organizations. Many other activities are available in the Town of La Veta and throughout Huerfano County.

Research shows that social interaction promotes physical and mental well-being. Loneliness is a major cause of depression. We all know that physical activity is essential to good health. We encourage resident participation in our activities to promote well-being.

Examples of Activities Provided In-House

La Veta Village is a small family style residence. This allows residents to have a large voice in determining the social and other activities that we make available. Examples include:

  • Regular physical fitness routines

  • Landscaping and gardening

  • Organized arts and crafts in the Activity Room

  • Educational sessions by local experts

  • Resident book club

  • Movie nights

  • Cooking and baking classes

  • Family events and celebrations for individuals

  • (e.g. Birthdays in the Activity Room)

  • Musical performances by residents and volunteers

  • Regular social gathering for residents, including resident’s council

  • Games, puzzles, and other items available

Examples of Activities Available in La Veta and Huerfano County

Working with volunteers, La Veta Village may provide individual support and excursions for small groups to different local events and activities, such as:

  • Musical events ranging from small performances at the Mercantile in town, to annual Celtic Fest performances through the County

  • Yoga and other exercise classes in the Community Center; fitness programs at Two Peaks Fitness

  • Theater performances at the local playhouse and Fox Theatre

  • Art shows at the SPACE gallery

  • Nature walks and short hikes

  • Mentoring programs with local schools and clubs, such as 4-H

  • Seminars on topics of interest from local experts and retirees at local libraries

computer gamers download.10.26.21.jpg

Easy Access to Town and County Activities

In addition to these local activities, the Town of La Veta has a lot to offer within just a few blocks of our home. The Town is installing a new sidewalk for our residents, and crosswalks are planned on Main Street to ensure safe access to shops and other amenities.

Here are some of the things residents can access, many of which are within a few blocks of our residence:

Shopping: Go grocery shopping at Charlie’s Market for special items, or visiting one of the many arts and crafts stores

Libraries and Learning: The award-winning La Veta library is less than a five-minute walk away; books, movies, magazines are available, and the library offers a wide-range of learning sessions.

Arts and Culture: Visit the SPACE art gallery, or attend a play at the Francisco Players Community Center. Attend Celtic Fest in September or musical events by visiting performers just across the street

Personal Care and Fitness: Two Peaks Fitness is around the corner. Attend special classes on Yoga in the Community Center.

Fine and Casual Dining: For casual experiences, visit the Deerpint Wine Bar or Coffee Shop across the street. Legends, Mission Deli Mesa,  the Corner Diner, and the Ryus Bakery are within a few blocks. Alys’ Restaurant offers fine dining, casually, a short distance away.

Churches and Spiritual Support: We can connect individuals to communities of faith of their choice. Catholic, Baptist, and Methodist churches are available in La Veta, and there are other options in Walsenburg.  Quaker meetings are accessible locally, and there is an active Jewish community in the County.

Annual Events: Attend the La Veta 4th of July parade a few feet from our doors, and visit vendor booths at Art-in-the Park. Octoberfest booths crowd Main Street. Celtic Fest events take place all over La Veta, and throughout the County.

Emergency and Medical Services: Emergency ambulance services are only a few blocks away. Residents can visit the Spanish Peaks Medical Center – clinics, hospital, and emergency room, approximately 20 minutes away. Dental and eye-care is available in Walsenburg.

Our Residence is a Family-Style Home

We designed our residence to feel like home. Each of our 16 residents have their own suite, complete with sitting area and a private bathroom. We have several common rooms to suit your mood:

  • Day room: a sunny spacious and informally comfortable room where snacks are available around the clock, as are television and streaming movies and games

  • Living room: a comfortable area for lounging and visiting with fellow residents, visiting friends, and family

  • Dining room: a large room with many small tables accommodating 2 to 4 individuals so you can have a real conversation; guests are able to join you for meals; enjoy the view of the Spanish Peaks while you dine

  • Music/library: comfortable chairs allow you to sit back and read a book; sit down at our piano to play a tune, or join in song with others

  • Activity room: join in programs such as arts and crafts or hands on technology support, which we offer to residents and other adults in our special-purpose activity room. This room is available for family celebrations.

On nice sunny days, sit outside on our extensive patio and enjoy the view of the Spanish Peaks and the changing landscape in our garden. If you like to garden, join residents and volunteers in planting and upkeep activities.

Residents have access to a laundry area off the main floor hallway. Staff can help with additional laundry needs, or accessing each individuals’ storage area in our extensive basement. Residents and families are welcome to stop in the office adjacent to the main entrance. A staff apartment is onsite to provide for 24-hour coverage and care. 

LVVI Floor Plan Color D size.jpg

16 Private Suites: All of our residents have their own private suite, complete with bathroom facilities. Rooms are located off the main hallway, and are all of approximately the same size. If multiple rooms are available when a new resident joins our community, they select their own room.

This is your home, and you furnish and decorate your suite. Each room is equipped with large windows and honeycomb insulating blinds, a ceiling fan, and bathroom storage. We have wired each suite for internet, cable, and phone service. All other furnishings and amenities are your choice! Our maintenance staff can help you hang pictures or other items from the walls.  See sample room floor plans.

LVVI Suite 16 Image.jpg
LVVI Suite 5 Image.jpg

How to Apply or Express Interest

If you are interested in learning more about assisted living or visiting La Veta Village, contact us anytime (call 719-742-3510, or email We welcome and include individuals and their family members in tours, discussions, and readiness assessment process.

For individuals and families that are considering assisted living now or in the next year, contact us and we can help you learn more and make a decision. You can download our application below, and send or bring it to us when you visit.

Making a decision is likely to take several conversations and visits. That is normal and expected. As part of the process, we make sure to interview individuals and family members to understand your current situation and needs. Additionally, we conduct a medical assessment to ensure we can provide the support each individual requires. All of this input is part of creating an Individual Care Plan.

For individuals who are thinking that assisted living may make sense for you in the future, please contact us as well and come visit to see what we have to offer! We will put you on our contact list and make sure to provide you with any important updates.

Exploring Financial Options

We strive to make our base monthly fee as affordable as possible. Some residents may require additional services. Our fees include housing and utilities, meals, and support services. Because of this, assisted living is often less expensive than hiring home health care services. Assisted living is less expensive but provides different services than nursing, memory care, rehabilitative or other skilled facilities; ​

Most of our residents cover these expenses by drawing on retirement or other savings – known as private pay. Some have long-term care insurance, some forms of life insurance, Veteran’s benefits, and reverse mortgages. For those who need financial assistance, Colorado provides assistance for those who qualify through a Medicaid waiver program.

Every individual’s situation is different so you are likely to need to explore a range of financial options. State and Federal programs are subject to frequent changes, so you will want to go to the websites that provide updated information. Here are some resources that can help you explore financial options:

  • – This is a great nonprofit organization with a very helpful website that provide general information about assisted living, and also information specific to Colorado and financial resources (

  • Colorado’s Medicaid waiver program for the elderly, blind and disabled is managed through the Department of Health Care Policy & Financing. Go to (or, and search for the EBD waiver).

  • Veterans can get information on the VA’s “Aid and Attendant Benefits,” through

  • – General information about federal government programs supporting long-term care, and general information about using life insurance or long-term care insurance policies (or contact your insurance company for your specific situation).

  • Reverse mortgages – if you own a home you might consider a reverse mortgage.  The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has a program for seniors called: “HOME EQUITY CONVERSION MORTGAGES FOR SENIORS.” This program works with specific lenders. To learn more go to the, and search for “reverse mortgage for seniors.”

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