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A Chat With Our Engagement Coordinator, Sally Ortega

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

La Veta Village Assisted Living is pleased to have Sally Ortega as our Engagement Coordinator. Sally is semi-retired and works part-time planning interesting activities and encouraging and assisting residents to participate in them. But, that's not all she does. Sally recruits volunteers and musicians, creates the monthly Activity Calendar, and even helps in the kitchen when needed. Sally plans seasonal activities and is appreciative when our residents make suggestions. Staff meetings are routinely held and communication is vital to having a comfortable, safe home.

Sally learned about the Engagement Coordinator position in the newspaper and also by word of mouth. She enjoys working with volunteers and the elderly and has many years of experience doing so. Her mother, Martha, was one of our very first residents! Sally has worked at The Veteran's Home, as a Nurse's Assistant, and also had a Food Vending business. She believes that La Veta Village is unique and special because of its size. You get to know the residents and they get to know their neighbors, volunteers, and the staff.

Daily activities are available for the residents. It is their home, and they may attend or not depending on how they feel. The calendar is posted both on the bulletin board and in their rooms. The activities are offered at times that do not interfere with usual nap times or meals and residents are reminded and invited to attend each day. Bingo, Senior Pilates, Current Events, Reminiscing, Gardening, and many Games are some of the activities available. Socialization is important to our well-being.

Sally's favorite school subjects were math and English. She liked to go dancing and play volleyball and baseball when she was younger. Now Sally looks forward to time with her family, having BBQs, and getting together with them. She enjoys spiritual reading.

Her advice to her younger self would be to pursue an education in a field that you find interesting and want to learn more about. In the past, she has helped youth with their concerns and would have liked to have been a youth counselor. Happily, now, Sally is here to listen to the residents and any concerns they may have.

Sally has three sisters and three brothers, and four of her siblings live here. She has lived in La Veta for over thirty years after her family moved here from Denver. She feels that the La Veta Library is a great asset to the area and La Veta is a comfortable and safe community to live in.


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